technical writingYou work intensely for months gathering data, designing, managing risks, making decisions, building, testing, training, commissioning, and finally operating. On top of that, you have to provide documentation every step of the way. Who has time to write?

Morgan Media Solutions Communications Consultants do!

With one of our technical communications consultants, your team can accelerate the development and distribution of project documents throughout the project. Your team members can focus on their core tasks while our communications consultant focuses on clearly conveying the project’s philosophy, approach, processes, and procedures. A Communications Consultant can be the one person standing between you and 569,910 words!

Equipment, Operating, and Maintenance Manuals

technical writingOur services cover development and production of manuals and project management, including scheduling and tracking all phases of publication. We can develop complete operating procedures for you, listing scope, summary, pre-requisites, tools and materials needed, safety warnings, and clearly defined steps needed for correct, safe performance. We gather and organize information, prepare outlines, design page layouts, and develop document templates. We write the draft, coordinate revisions with the client, and deliver the final product in your desired media.

Safety (HSE) and Quality Manuals

Safety is Key in any industry from restaurants to oil & gas production. We can help your company identify hazards and Best practices and we can develop emergency response plans, environmental plans, and health, safety, and environmental manuals.

** All Subject Matter Experts and Communication Consultants are billed at an hourly rate.